The problems with the Immigration bill

Mr. Moore,

I was frustrated with Mary Kissel’s intransigence to Monica Crowley’s opinion about the goodness of Ted Cruz’s opposition to the immigration bill.  When the following story came up (“Heritage Needs an Immigration Math Lesson”), I realized you were the source of her strongly held views.

Regardless of how economically wonderful you deem the intent and some particulars of the bill to be, it seems to me you ignore some hard truths.

I am old enough to remember Simpson-Mazzoli.  In fact, I was in the gallery of Congress while it was being debated on the floor.  I remember Reagan being taken to the cleaners by the leftists upon whom he relied to keep their promise to secure the border.  I know as a libertarian you undoubtedly favor open borders.  It’s a wonderful concept, rooted in freedom and opportunity.  There’s just this tiny little fly in the ointment: entitlements.  Legally, an expensive and ultimately economically debilitating panoply of entitlements are open to immigrants.  We already know about Obama in Mexico recruiting immigrants here to apply for food stamps.  That’s just barest beginning of what is legally available.  It shouldn’t be available for most citizens, much less immigrants because it substitutes cash for compassion that can discriminate between the deserving poor and freeloaders.  I hope you’ve read Marvin Olasky’s The Tragedy of American Compassion.  If not, please do.  That way, I won’t have to repeat his insights.

This immigration bill, without secure borders and not addressing the entitlements issue, is simply Simpson-Mazzoli redux.  The American voters and taxpayers feel, if I’m any representative sample, that this resembles nothing so much as Lucy enticing Charlie Brown with the football (“Yes, of course, you can trust me this time.”).  Not ever again.

I like Krauthammer’s position (one of his few I do like): no pathway to citizenship until the last link in the fence is complete.  If that’s the deal, you will never see the leftists so motivated to complete the fence.

Is the fence ideologically distasteful to you?  Then remove entitlements.  Until you do, I think your advocacy of this bill has a moral and fiscal hole so big, it exceeds the size of Chuck Schumer’s ego which, I understand, cannot be contained by the great outdoors.

I suspect you have problems with U. S. immigration policy in general.  This seems like amnesty for bad policy instead of fixing bad policy.  If so, this bill has no business being passed unless and until bad policy and bad administration of bad policy is fixed or we’ll just have the same issues all over again, like we have here in the wake of Simpson-Mazzoli.

Timothy ******
Santa Cruz, CA

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